photo mallowseedhead_zps732543ca.jpg
Globe Mallow seedhead at twilight, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

wilderness at dawn
no one bowing in worship
before the ripe seeds


Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. If you are not the early bird… but they will take the worm and not the seed.

  2. I’ve always found worship to be rather seedy.

  3. Love that you captured the little hairs of spider web


  4. So pretty! The web gave it more character #iheartmacro

  5. I love the golden light shining on this unusual plant.

  6. Spiritual response straight from nature … great haiku mmt.

    • Good Day MMT, I noticed some confusion in one of your comments on CDHK #473 … sorry for that confusion I have tried to explain it in our new Special episode by Kerouac which I have just posted.

  7. each grain, each seed, each hair on every head…
    is said to be counted. (but by whom?)

    unspoken thoughts weighted with value?
    perhaps the only place to hide is the open desert?

    always a delight to visit, thank you for yours.

  8. this just opens my heart. I bow from a distance.

  9. BEautiful poetry and seeds reaching towards the light.

  10. “before the ripe seeds” – that is a marvelous line, the sound, the image, the concept

  11. I read this last night and today I love it even more…could even be a sequel to the one you did on “clouds”…very thought provoking…

    Your photos are like wordless haiku

  12. So true… nice take on the prompt

  13. greenspeckblogger

    Love how you capture the wilderness 🙂

  14. Love this breath taking view of nature in this great haiku.

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