Sonoran sunrise, spring 2015 photo Sonoran.sunrise.spring_zps9pijam3c.jpg
Spring sunrise, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

at first light of day
bowing before the mountains
in adoration
while a dozen cactus wrens
sweep away leftover stars

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. There is nothing to match a desert sunrise or sunset. Matchless. So glad you awake early to treat us to this beauty.

  2. oh, yes! bowing to the one who created all this.

  3. Awesome skies and colors and Annie is right, they are indeed MATCHLESS!!!

  4. beautiful sunset and i love the color.

  5. Dramatic and intense.

  6. Oh! Beautiful sky, I bow before you too, Great haiku 🙂

  7. GORGEOUS photo and beautiful words………a sacred beginning to the day. So beautiful.

  8. Such a beautiful photo – and a beautiful haiku – and it demonstrates “baransu” very well. Wonderful post!

  9. magnificent picture
    and you captured the tone and spirit


  10. Beautiful, both photograph and poem

  11. Beautifully blended photo, haiku and spirit of the inspirational haiku.

  12. absolutely stunning!

  13. Deep rich colors of a beautiful sunrise!

  14. So breathtaking, bowing indeed in front of such an image!!

  15. Stunning sunrise. Love the golden colors.

  16. Great sunrise. I like it.

  17. Inspiring energy for the day. Stunning colours.

  18. Stunning fiery skies!

  19. Wonderful way to start a day.
    JM, IL

  20. That’s just the way how would start our day every time again …. awesome photo MMT.

  21. Breathtaking words and photo, MMT 🙂

  22. Glorious in word and image!

  23. once again-the embodiment of peace. thank you for transporting me to the edge of glorious!

  24. wonderful haiku! 🙂

  25. you have painted a breathtaking scene with your tanka

    much love…

  26. ((GASP)) Truly inspiraional.

  27. Wow MMT , what a beautiful tanka ! cactus wrens sweeping away leftover stars . …sweeps my breath away too .

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