photo DSC_0326_zpsjcwwfyzv.jpg
August sunset, Southern Arizona

a tattered scarecrow
puts on a new suit of clothes—
palm fronds at sunset
~~ ~~ ~~
enigmatic words
splashed blood-red against the sky—
ravens know the tongue
~~ ~~ ~~
a palm at sunset—
how the sparrows irritate
every thirsty frond
~~ ~~ ~~
gruesome little tales
wagged by pigeon tongues at dusk—
foxes slink away

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Love them.. ravens. lizards, sparrows, pigeons and foxes!

  2. The foxes clearly have important work to do and can’t be bothered with pigeons tales.

  3. beautiful , I like the first one the most

    My take The Red Lipstick

  4. Oh nice!!! ravens and pigeons speak in tongues with the glorious sun!!

  5. I often wonder what pigeons are saying. And those wretched seagulls that constantly torment me!

    Visit Keith’s Ramblings!

  6. Awesome capture, glorious colors and a glorious way to end the day — any day!! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty!! Have a great weekend!!

  7. Such a radiant splash of colour dramatised by the palm fronds. And your haiku capture some wonderful glimpses of nature.

  8. Awesome words and sunset moment.

  9. Birdies make for strange bedfellows but they are ok! They are good company!


  10. mmm, really like this image. This moment….these words…..JM, IL

  11. Wonderful photo! I’m glad to see another Sonoran desert sunset shot.

  12. enchanting sunset, lovely haiku set

    much love…

  13. Stunning sunset and beautiful words!

  14. What a breathtaking photo!

  15. Sigh .. how lovely is this!

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