A heart drawn in the sand by lovers, Puerto Nuevo, Baja California Norte, México

I hate broccoli—
loathe the stuff.
But it is bliss
to kick off my sandals
and draw on the beach
with my toes.
It is rapture
to wear a different wig each day
and keep people guessing:
“Who is that woman?”
And when I purse my lips
to kiss you? O what delight!
I don’t even worry about the dents
I got in my car last night!


Poem and photo © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
NOTE TO THE READER: Some elements of this poem are autobiographical, but I am NOT a hater of broccoli! The declaration of antipathy toward that particular vegetable just happened to work with this poem.
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  1. Sounds truly blissful – I hate broccoli too!

  2. I’m going to earn much ire by announcing I actually like broccoli 🙂🙂🙂

  3. Sorry readers I eat my greens too. How I admire your stoicism with the dents in the car. I really enjoyed this post Magical.

  4. Love those blissful toe moments at the beach…by the way I like broccoli 🙂

  5. Very good, the ending to your poem made me smile.

  6. Indeed we have to enjoy pleasures as we can & if there are dents at times I guess we must be thankful for no loss of lives.

  7. Wow! This really picked me up! I love the play, the juxtaposition of broccoli and the beach, the surprising wigs and dented car! Oh my.

  8. I enjoy the spirit in this narrator, with her wigs and artistic toes. Smiles. I am heading for a beach walk soon. Yay!

  9. What a wild poem. Love it.

  10. Oh gosh 😀 I love this soo much!!❤️

  11. Oh what a fun poem that worked through the words and came to this….

  12. How cleverly you’ve brought broccoli and wigs to the beach!

  13. That was really amusing. Thanks. 🙂

  14. I really like how the words trigger us and then lead us to sometimes surprising and delightful endings,


  15. Excellent poem. Clever use of the words.

  16. This is pure deliciousness. Love the freedom and wildness of it. I would definitely dance to this. 😀

  17. Delightful fun.

  18. This was a fun read.

  19. Brings back memories. Grew up on the coast. Spent many hours drawing in the sand.

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