Blue Monday: Garden Goddess

Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden, Yuma, Arizona

Although her arms are broken
And her feet are crumbling fast,
The little garden goddess
Seems to last and last.
In every growing season,
Whether summer or in spring,
The little garden goddess
Doesn’t miss a thing.
She sees the roses blooming
And a hungry little bird;
She sees tomato hornworms,
Though her eyes are blurred.
She keeps watch every morning,
Every midday, every night—
The little garden goddess
Makes sure all’s just right.

Photo and poem © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher


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  1. Dear Friend,
    thanks most sincerely for hosting each week your so lovely link-up party !

    Wishing you a Happy Monday and new week ahead,
    I’m sending blessings on your way

    XOXO Daniela at ~ My little old world ~ (Dany)

  2. Such a shame someone did not better care of this. Perfect for today and perfect words. You are so good.

  3. Lovely words to accompany such a beautiful statue who has, no doubt, witnessed the best and worst of things in this world.

  4. Lovely words to accompany a beautiful statue who has, no doubt, sat silently bearing witness to the good and the bad of many things, for many years.

  5. What a pretty Garden Goddess. Her crumbling parts adds to her beauty and sentamentality!

  6. Lovely poem, have a nice week

    much love…

  7. I would need Garden Goddess too. Wonderful words. Thank you for hosting.

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