Blue Monday & Ruby Tuesday Too: Have Some Popcorn

Popcorn is available on the patio at Prescott Public Library, Prescott, Arizona. One photo, two memes.

When times are tough and my sadness grows
Sharper than thorns on a tangled rose,
And tears flow freely into my tea,
I look for something to comfort me.
A glimpse, perhaps, of a far-off place
(Call it heaven, or maybe it’s grace)
That gives me hope for living a life
Free of all pain, and free of all strife.
But try as I might, I just can’t find
Anything peaceful to ease my mind.
With pleasures lacking, my life’s a mess;
I need some solace, and nothing less.
Yet years of practice have taught me this:
There is a way from sorrow to bliss.
When all else fails to comfort me,
Popping some corn is the remedy!

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Photo and poem © by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. Ha! Loved the poem and of course I love popcorn. Here is a way we often have it at home:

  2. PS: Thank you for hosting!

  3. Sweet poem for stressful times. No blues on my blog today but red tomatoes match Ruby Tuesday!

  4. The blue of the sky? Was searching for a bit…:)

  5. Popcorn seems an odd thing for a library to have.

  6. Although I’m not a popcorn fan, it’s true that we find comfort in diverse places and things. I’m in a bit of a mess this morning, not sure why, and your poem cheered me up.

  7. Yumalicious, the corn and the poetry. salute!

  8. Your writing always has me smiling MMT.

  9. I feel this poem so deeply! Yes, we are going through troubling times right now .. but hopefully everything will fall back in place. I ll join you for some popcorn 💝

  10. Wonderful, luv the progression, luv the rhyme
    Happy Wednesday


  11. I absolutely love the ending. And I so believe that, indeed, that “there is a way from sorrow to bliss.” Even if for just a moment.

  12. Gosh, I’m glad it’s that easy!

  13. Yes, Yes! We have popped more corn in the last four months than in the last four years!!!! I love this.

  14. My Hubby’s go to snack! That or tortilla chips covered in pepper jack. Hoping you have a huge supply of popcorn kernals.

  15. Sometimes all it takes is something small – like a kernel of corn – to turn the day around.

  16. I like how you rhymed this. The first and last stanzas are my favorite.

  17. Susie Clevenger

    Yes, the comfort of something familiar, something that always brings a smile.

  18. Oops, my colon doctor says no more popcorn. Peanuts no-no also. And my dog died.

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