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~~ 1 ~~
safe from prying eyes
one straight line of a love note
hidden in a book
~~ 2 ~~
safe from prying eyes
the limit of her patience
with its fraying edge
~~ 3 ~~
safe from prying eyes
a lane ensconced in shadows
somewhere in south Wales
~~ 4 ~~
safe from prying ears
the sound of wasted water
dripping down a drain
~~ 5 ~~
safe from prying eyes
all the pornographic parts
snipped and snapped and tossed
~~ 6 ~~
safe from prying eyes
forgotten case of whisky
underneath the stairs
~~ 7 ~~
safe from prying eyes
the old farmhouse east of town
where black widows weave
~~ 8 ~~
safe from prying eyes
a single grain of sugar
underneath the bowl
~~ 9 ~~
safe from prying eyes
children hidden in the reeds
near the river’s bend
~~ 10 ~~
safe from prying eyes
the way that leads from bondage
through a parting sea
~~ 11 ~~
safe from prying ears
the sound of Gaza’s mothers
weeping for their dead

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. That Gaza mother can cry all she likes, she needs to and she needs to be heard.

  2. I continue to believe that if mothers exclusively were in control of conflict – conflict would end at the first child jeopardized – powerful writing

  3. I love how the view expands from the intimate to the global…I am glad you gave us the word safe to play with…essentially does it even exist? And on that cheery note…happy Sunday 🙂

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Really, Jae, would I play with a word that doesn’t exist? 😉 Safety may be in short supply, but I am SURE it exists. Finding it is the problem.

  4. Ye Gods! Is there such a thing as a forgotten case of whisky? I never knew.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      If your mind is groggy from too much of the stuff, you just can’t seem to remember where you hid that last case…

  5. “snipped and snapped and tossed” – but they are the best bits! What would I write limericks about if not for them?

  6. ugh..that last one hit hard… you wove little story snippets here and each leaves space for the mind to wander

  7. Very sad tears of the mothers of Gaza!

  8. Thought provoking through out… covering a gamut of emotions. Wonderfully written, as usual 🙂

  9. Powerful write and a heart cry for those children in Gaza. I like how you bring in the lessons of scripture. Interesting and very well done.

  10. There are many things that’s hidden… Some things should stay there, some things should be shown for the world to see.

  11. No 7 hit me hard…ugh..circumstances and propensity lead people to take the wrong way…

  12. All good, safe from prying eyes, the last one was so touching!

  13. Liked how you repeated the beginning line throughout this series of haiku … I liked the crescendo of events and the conclusive line of the last haiku … very interesting write – profound.

  14. Oh powerful. I like “where black widows weave”…….and especially the seas parting for those escaping bondage. So affecting, the weeping of Gaza’s mothers. You have outdone yourself this week!

  15. A fascinating collection. That last one stands alone.

  16. Again, I am fascinated with the movement from intimate to global, colloquial to world at large, and from personal to political. All held together with the repetitive phrases that remind us to look and to see, to listen and to truly hear. Thank you,


  17. #11 , jolting;

    much love

  18. Delightful – I love the idea of a grain of sugar hiding itself away – so sweet!

  19. I must be going soft and mushy, but I loved #1! The image of one straight line of a love note hidden in a book is enchanting.

  20. so many things are “safe from prying eyes”. I am amazed at the scope and depth. And, of course, as a haiku lover myself, I strongly believe in the great power of this form. And your cycle just proves it once again.

  21. Beautifully written, you are a master of the Haiku.

  22. Number 11 tugs the heart but number 1 tugs my imagination. I’ll take number 1, please.

  23. Hmm! I wonder if those words in the love note (#1) could have prevented the tears in #11 if only they could be read and understood by all! I really enjoy your longer poems, MMT. Even when I don’t have time to comment, know that I visit often.

  24. A very nice collection of haiku

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