photo Sonorancoyotesundown_zps00be5690.jpg
Sunset on a golf course, Southern Arizona, captured with an iPhone

pond spirits waiting
for one more wave of darkness
to veil their antics

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Very nicely captured image, as always. Have a blessed Skywatch Friday.

  2. Oh, I love this haiku! I like the idea that there are playful spirits scampering about in the twilight, enjoying pretty sunsets like this one. Oh wait, that would be us!

  3. Wonderful haiku with ‘the spirits’ waiting ~ how ethereal!

    Happy Weekend to you!
    artmusedog and carol
    A Creative Harbor

  4. Amazing shot! I see at least one pond sprite waiting to jump in.

  5. Yes, indeed, wonderful place full of poetry! Beautiful photo with a fabulous sunset!

  6. I want to join these spirits… maybe I do in that wave of darkness when I sleep…

  7. What a beautiful place to take a photo with your Iphone. Is the phone new?
    JM, Illinois

  8. I can feel the anticipation there in the trees…x

  9. wonderful sillhouettes of the palm trees


  10. that’s wonderful! thank you for visiting my sky post!

  11. I never pictured a water hazard on a golf course being so serene and beautiful. as of the pond spirits waiting for another layer, I’d be out of there before they start their antics!

  12. Spooky … i like the ghostly sphere you have brought into this haiku …

  13. Pond spirits hide in the shadows at sundown.

  14. Beautiful light — it is so amazing what cell phones can do. Those sprites can hide a lot earlier in the evenings these days. (I hate it when we go back to Standard Time, but I’m sure they love it!)

  15. a lovely contemplation; have a nice weekend

    much love…

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